E-Government Solution

Kingsoft E-Government Cloud is based on technical practice of Kingsoft Cloud, and ability to understand vertical fields of Kingsoft Group. It builds a secure, reliable, and unique solution system in the E-Government Cloud field. With the service capabilities of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, governments can achieve the goals of streamlining processes, improving efficiency, ensuring security, and reducing costs, and help governments realize digital transformation.


Various implementation modes

The co-construction model means that Kingsoft Cloud, as a cloud vendor, deploys the cloud in the machine room of government customers and provides them with private cloud services in a service lease model; The self-built model means that customers use their own data center and equipment to purchase a private cloud platform of Kingsoft to build a private cloud. The operation and maintenance are usually also the responsibility of the customers; The hosting model refers to an exclusive private cloud built for government customers by using Kingsoft Cloud Data Center. Customers only need to pay attention to the use of resources and the maintenance of the cloud information system.

Comprehensive service capacity

Planning for adapting to the cloud: Cloudification assessment of existing systems, formulation of migration plans, and suggestions for rationalization changes; Migrating to the cloud: Complete migration monitoring mechanism, mature migration tools, and rich migration experience Cloud operation and maintenance: A sound government affairs cloud operation management mechanism guarantees the stable and healthy operation of the E-government Cloud.

High security

Complete protection system: Construction of Class III classified protection of Cybersecurity cloud platform and application compliance system based on the classified protection of Cybersecurity standard 2.0; Professional security team: Advanced video industry of Kingsoft Public Cloud service and other high security risk prevention experience; Compliant security certification: The E-government cloud platform has passed the Security Certificate of Cyberspace Administration of China and Class III Classified Protection of Cybersecurity Certificate.



Independent and deeply customized R&D based on the mainstream version of OpenStack, with a soft and full-featured development team; Professional R&D team can quickly respond to user-defined platform requirements; Flexible and controllable business landing mode;


Give full play to the OpenStack community dividends and APIs fully opened; Software is everything, compatible with mainstream hardware in the industry, not binding to vendor equipment, and supports common hardware in the industry Supports common applications in the office, finance, social and other markets, and supports emerging technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence.


Experiencing large-scale verification of public cloud, mature and stable The cloud platform adopts high-availability technology, which can guarantee the stable operation of the platform and uninterrupted business, and the SLA reaches 99.999%; The structure design, all realizes a highly available structure and high platform availability from the basic components, the server to the network equipment.


Computing, storage, and network support hyper-converged structure, saving computer room resources; Virtual machine physical machine integration management and control, providing a platform-based management page, easy to operate and control the platform; Supports hybrid cloud structure, integrating the product capabilities of private and public cloud.


E-Government Solution

Relying on Kingsoft Cloud's top-level cloud platform research and development technology, rich cloud products, and high-quality E-government Cloud services, through the security protection system and operation management service system, to achieve various regulatory requirements for E-government Cloud construction; to meet the construction demand of E-government Cloud of government customers.

Technical Advantages

All core products are independently developed, including cloud platform software, storage system software, and data analysis platform software. In the process of product development, the Kingsoft cloud R & D team has accumulated a large number of patents and certifications, which has a strong influence in the technical field of the industry. In terms of product stability, software of Kingsoft Cloud Platform provides cloud services to nearly 50,000 customers.