Medical and Healthcare Solution

Kingsoft Cloud sets up a new medical and healthcare cloud structure for users based on the core concept of “ABC” (Algorithm, Big Data, and Cloud), relying on its top-level cloud resources, abundant cloud products and excellent cloud service.


Low cost construction and use on demand

All the application systems are based on the cloud computing architecture and can be used as needed; no heavy assets investment construction is needed, subverting the traditional construction mode of heavy assets investment.

Improving the grassroots medical service

The solution makes a cloud upgrade for the grassroots information system to provide grassroots medical services, including basic medical treatment, basic public health, family doctor contract signing, and health poverty alleviation, and enhanced functions such as intelligent assist and remote medical service. This completely improves grassroots’ medical service ability.

Implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment

The solution breaks through the information barrier between superior and subordinate medical institutions in the same region to realize information interconnectivity and data sharing, and to accelerate grassroots’ implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system including first diagnosis, dual referral, separate treatment for acute and chronic diseases, and upper and lower linkage.

Accelerating the contract signing of family doctors

The solution supports mobile contract signing of family doctors. Under the wireless network environment, family doctors can establish personal health records for residents using mobile phones or pads at any time without any limitation of time and space, realizing interview at will and completing contract signing.

Extending the medical service radius

The solution extends the medical service scenario to the residents, provides services of personal health records, health information, medication reminders with mobile phones, and enables the residents to enjoy the loop-locked health management services inside and outside hospitals.

Improving the decision-making ability for public health

By breaking through the information barriers among the grassroots’ medical institutions, the solution realizes the convergence of personal medical treatment and health data, takes the advantage of the technology of big data analysis to form personal health portraits, and further generates an urban health map. Administrators can master the health information in the administrative region in real time, bring forward the afterwards treatment of medical treatment and health issues to interim supervision and beforehand forecasting, and efficiently improve the decision-making ability for public health.


Big data analysis service for administrators

·Statistical analysis of medical service and the application of supervision and management.
·Statistical analysis of public health service and the application of supervision and management.
·Regional cooperative data integration and analysis of medical treatment and health information and the application of supervision and management.
·Massive data analysis and AI support services.
·Regional cooperative integration of health information and cloud transformation service.

Health management service for residents

·Virtual health card
·Health management
·Health information
·Health monitoring
·Medication reminder
·Service evaluation

Cloud infrastructure for large and medium medical institutions

·Cloud storage
·Cloud virtual machine
·Cloud physical servers
·Cloud network
·Cloud security
·Cloud databases

Cloud application service for small and medium medical institutions

·Basic treatment
·Basic public healthcare
·Contract signing of family doctors
·Health poverty alleviation


Epidemic prevention and control – Emergency Materi

Peking University People's Hospital

Kingsoft Cloud CloudHIS in a province

Epidemic prevention and control – Emergency Materi

Emergency Material Management System of Kingsoft Cloud is developed on a crash basis aiming at the epidemic situation of novel coronavirus, which provides a series of functions including lumped material entering warehouse, distribution and approval, material inventory situation report, and information reminder, for all levels of health commissions or other related emergency headquarters, solving the issues of medical institutions including tardy report for the inventory.

Material Management module

a)Materials delivered to warehouse: Select the source of the materials and input multi-categories emergency materials for lumped warehouse importing; in addition, it also supports batch warehouse importing by using excel templates.
b) Materials exporting from warehouse.
c)Approval for material exporting from warehouse.
d) Inventory inquiry: It makes a statistical summary and generates an inventory list automatically.

Material reporting module

a) Material reporting: The subordinate medical institutions use this module to timely report the total inventory of emergency materials, consumption and quantity demanded per day, which is convenient for competent departments to master the usage of the emergency materials in time.
b) Report inquiry
c) Reporting summary

Peking University People's Hospital

The hospital has limited storage space and machine room. It takes a long time to plan, set up the project, call for bids, purchase, and implement for the hospital. The IT resource of the hospital restricts the fast business growth. A single machine room of the hospital cannot make it for long-distance backup for disaster recovery. If there is any abnormal condition, the business data is not safe.

Solution and topology

Kingsoft Cloud provides VPCs, KEC, and EPC resources to connect to the inner private cloud of the hospital through the dedicated line and to build a hybrid cloud. Meanwhile, it provides cloud backup for disaster recovery, CDR, and image storage on the dedicated cloud customized for the People Hospital.

Kingsoft Cloud CloudHIS in a province

The “13th five years plan” of a province requires to improve grassroots medical treatment and health service level to realize the connectivity of patients’ information in the region and hierarchical supervision of health administration departments, and help with the scientific implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

Solution and topology

Kingsoft Cloud’s CloudHIS solution for a province is based on the architecture design of algorithm, big data and cloud computing, builds a united grassroots medical cloud computing data center, and provides services for users including administrators, grassroots medical institutions and residents, realizing a full coverage of grassroots medical institutions, information connectivity among medical institutions in the region.