Kingsoft Cloud Gaming Service

Kingsoft Cloud provides a complete Cloud Gaming solution to quickly convert traditional terminal games and mobile games into cloud games. Use this solution to minimize R&D and time investment, achieve an agile transformation to cloud games, and build a custom cloud gaming platform to quickly enter the cloud gaming market.
Cloud Gaming Topology


Reducing Hardware Dependency

This solution enables AAA games to run smoothly on mobile phones and TVs. To enjoy high-quality game contents, you do not need to frequently upgrade hardware for games, which can reduce the cost.

Thin Client

In cloud gaming, the game runs on the server and the game rendering result is transmitted to the client as streaming data. The client doesn’t perform complicated calculations, and thus its size can be only tens of megabytes.

Cross-Platform Deployment

Cloud gaming breaks through platform barriers. Just deployed once, a game is available on all platforms simultaneously, including browsers, PCs, Android devices, and iOS devices.

External Management

Cloud gaming implements centralized management for the computing part that was originally performed by the client in the traditional gaming structure, and presents only the rendering result to the client. It greatly reduces the complexity for managing the cheating programs.


Agile Access

Only an installation package is needed for cloud gaming deployment.

Scenario Optimization

The game threshold is reduced for new players, including one-click-to-play, enriching the game promotion and other scenarios.

Cost Optimization

The game promotion investment is reduced by eliminating multi-terminal adaptation in the early stage, and thus the cost structure is optimized.

Safe and Reliable

Kingsoft Cloud provides comprehensive security products to protect cloud gaming services.

Technical Support

Kingsoft Cloud works with the third-party company WELINK to ensure technical support for cloud gaming. WELINK is an experienced cloud gaming service company with rich accumulation in the industry and technology.

Cloud Gaming Topology

Cloud Gaming Solution

Private deployment of cloud gaming.

Accelerating R&D and Innovation

Cloud gaming accelerates R&D and innovation because there is no need to adapt to various hardware.

Improving Promotion Effect

One-click-to-play and scan-to-play, greatly reducing the threshold for users to try.

Live Streaming

Game live streaming allows players to interact with the host who is airing the live stream, such as joining the game.

Quickly Building Ecosystem

Use the cloud gaming client to easily integrate hundreds of games and build your own cloud gaming platform.