About Kingsoft Cloud

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Leading Cloud Service Provider in China

Founded in 2012, Kingsoft Cloud is the leading cloud service provider in China. Since establishment, Kingsoft Cloud is devoting on providing customer safe, reliable, stable and high-quality cloud computing services.

Kingsoft Cloud have developed a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services, with solutions for many industries, such as government, finance, AIoT, healthcare, industrial engineering, media, video, game, education, Internet, content services. These solutions integrate with AI, big data, IoT, blockchain, edge computing, and AR/VR technologies.

We’ve also established green energy-saving data centers and operating agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Tianjin and other domestic regions, as well as Russia, Singapore and the United States. Kingsoft Cloud will continue its go-global strategy and extend cloud computing worldwide, connecting more devices and people by building a universal cloud computing network.

Awards and Accolades for Kingsoft Cloud

Best Cloud Platform of the Year of China's Information Industry
China's Most Promising Enterprise Award of the Year
Award for the Most Influential Cloud Computing and Best Service Brand
Top 10 Most Influential Enterprises
Top 50 Most Valuable Enterprises for Investment
Annual Innovative Product of the Financial Industry in China
Award for Trusted Cloud Computing Technological Innovation
Award for Innovation of Chinese Cloud Computing Market
Award for the Most Innovative Solution in Chinese Cloud Computing Market
Top 100 Most Innovative Technological Enterprises in China
Best Cloud Service Provider Award
Best Cloud Service Provider Award for the Gaming Industry
Golden Apple Award for the Best Cloud Service Provider for the Gaming Industry
Video Cloud Service Award
Trusted Video Cloud Service Award
Award for Best Cloud Services for Chinese Internet
Leading Enterprise of Future Digital Economy
Unicorn of Enterprise-Oriented Service Industry
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