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Why Work With Us

Kingsoft Cloud has ranked among the top Cloud and CDN service providers in China. Relying on the help of its elite engineering team, core technologies developed, and years of accumulated experience in customer business, Kingsoft Cloud has continued to cultivate its market and help more customers become unicorns in their industries.

  • Large-scale

    As an industry-leading CDN service provider, Kingsoft Cloud has 600+ nodes, 20Tbps+ CDN bandwidth, and covers all domestic network carriers, ensuring the fastest and most stable content delivery.

    Carries 50PB of Internet traffic daily, billions of requests, and covers 300 million netizens.

  • Fast

    Rapid deployment, quick access, easy to use.

    First screen time in milliseconds, 10MB/s download speed for ultimate video viewing experience.

  • Cost-effective

    With the KSC265 technology, Kingsoft Cloud can help customer save 30%-50% of the bandwidth costs and can accumulate users to the maximum extent, which can meet the urgent demands and will also greatly promote the development of the video industry.

    Scene coding, perceptual coding, intelligent reduction of bandwidth costs in the same picture quality.

  • Stable

    99.9% high availability, providing stable support for business. Ensuring fast download and smooth video streaming.

    Big data platform provides multi-dimensional real-time data monitoring, analysis, and optimization.

About Us

Committed to public cloud platforms and professional expertise

Kingsoft Cloud, a unit of Kingsoft Group, is one of the world’s leading cloud computing service providers and among China’s Top 3 cloud computing companies. Founded in 2012, the company has data centers and branch offices around the globe, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and North America.

Kingsoft Cloud has a complete product portfolio covering Cloud Server, Cloud Physical Host, Relational Database, Object Storage, Load Balancing, VPN, CDN, Cloud Security and Cloud DNS etc., as well as cloud-based solutions for vertical industries.

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Our Services

As one of the top CDN service providers in China, Kingsoft Cloud provides users with high-performance, high-availability, and high-stability CDN services relying on its top-notch infrastructure resources and decades of technology accumulation.

Website Acceleration

We support rapidly delivery of a large number of static resources in a website or application. It can effectively speed up the content loading speed, website pictures, short video and other content distribution, providing faster and better network experience and availability.

Video On Demand Acceleration

We support on-demand accelerated services for all types of long video and short video. We provide functions such as speed limit, drag and drop, and enrich users experiences with high-performance distribution services.

Download Acceleration

We support the download and distribution of large and small files, such as mp4 format, flv format, installation package and other kinds of files.

Live Stream Acceleration

We use multiple streaming media transmission protocols such as RTMP, Http+Flv and HLS , and owns features including cross-route, gateway, firewall, audio and video fully synchronized, off-site users watch at the same time. Through high-quality edge nodes and multiple security mechanisms distributed throughout China, we help to achieve the high-quality viewer experiences.

Our Solutions

Kingsoft Cloud's Mobile Live Broadcast Solution serves more than 20 industries, and its Short Video Solution provides services for 15 kinds of industry scenarios, covering all top short video APPs, also its Video On Demand Solution serves top online video websites.

Mobile Live Streaming
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Based on the global intelligent CDN scheduling system, we provide one-stop live streaming services including efficient and reliable acquisition, coding, content security, distribution, and playback, etc., with advantages of low latency, high security, high concurrency, easy access, and multi-terminal multi-protocol support.
Short Video
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Kingsoft cloud full-link short video solution has experienced the business challenges of the head customer, especially in SDK, KSC265 coding and transcoding. And the advantages of CDN become more obvious, on the pursuit of superior performance and high stability, full-link perfect function, and minimalist/simple access experience.
Video On Demand & Download
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Relying on the industry-leading KSC265 codec technology, highly reliable KS3 storage and powerful distribution services, we provide market-proven, professional, stable and highly concurrent one-stop video-on-demand & download services based on Kingsoft Cloud's top IaaS infrastructure.
Large-scale Data Centers 30
CDN Nodes 800 +
Servers 100000 +
CDN Bandwidth 40 T+


Dedicated to providing you with secure and compliance cloud computing services

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Information System Security Certification Class III by the Ministry of Public Security
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CSA-STAR Tech IaaS/PaaS Certification
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Cloud Computing Service Standard Compliance Certification - Reinforced Grade