Elastic Physical Compute

Elastic Physical Compute (EPC) provides exclusive physical servers with extraordinary performance. EPC provides secure, stable, and easy-to-use computing services to help you build and scale out application services that require high computing performance. EPC also provides convenient network deployment and IT O&M. Powered by 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, EPC serves as a solid foundation of a smart cloud.
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Exclusive Leased Servers

EPC provides stable and reliable bare metal servers with zero performance loss.

Easy to Use

EPC seamlessly connects to Kingsoft Cloud VPC and allows you to use features of Kingsoft Cloud public cloud without additional learning.

Secure and Efficient

EPC supports cloud monitoring that allows you to keep track of resource usage anytime, real-time O&M, physical isolation of resources of different users, and bandwidth management that further improves stability.


EPC saves you the hassle of hardware procurement, O&M, and frequent upgrades to effectively lower your investment in infrastructure.

Diverse Service Modes

EPC supports two service modes: server leasing and managed instance. You can flexibly customize and scale resources.


Flexible Configuration

EPC provides a variety of instance types and allows you to customize various configurations such as the RAID level and NIC bonding. You can purchase resources on demand and pay for actual usage. EPC adopts a disaster recovery architecture that deploys resources across multiple data centers. All hardware is purchased from first-class manufacturers to ensure high reliability.

Server Management

EPC provides a web console and a set of API operations that you can use to start, stop, and restart instances, and perform operations such as reinstalling the operating system. EPC supports custom images. It uses a dedicated management network that is separated from the data network. If the data network fails or an instance is down, you can remotely maintain the faulty instance by using the out-of-band management system. You can connect to the out-of-band network by using SSL VPN.

Cloud Monitoring

EPC supports monitoring of a variety of metrics such as CPU utilization, memory usage, disk performance, and network traffic in real time.


EPC uses the high-quality BGP network built by Kingsoft Cloud, connects instances in the same availability zone over a 10 Gbit/s internal network, and supports Kingsoft Cloud VPC to seamlessly integrate with other Kingsoft Cloud services, such as NAT, SLB, and EIP.

Security Protection

EPC provides security services such as DDoS protection, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, web page Trojan detection, and login protection, and supports login by using SSH keys.

Product Comparison

Server in a Self-built Data Center
EPC supports custom server specifications and fast cluster scaling.
The variability of server models increases the cost of purchase. You need to prepare a large number of servers to fulfill the scaling need.
Ease of Use
EPC supports delivery within one hour and management by using the console or API.
The delivery involves purchase, transport, setup, and operating system installation, which results in a long delivery cycle and requires on-site implementation in data centers.
Connection to Public Cloud
EPC uses Kingsoft Cloud Peering to implement cross-region data center connections, and supports seamless integration with Kingsoft Cloud VPC, SLB, and NAT.
Leased lines are required to implement connections across data centers in different regions.
EPC provides host security protection and free 5 Gbit/s DDoS protection.
You must purchase additional security protection services.
EPC supports on-demand purchase and flexible billing cycles.
You must purchase a large number of servers and pay for all resources of each server in a one-off manner.
Easy Maintenance
Faulty hardware is directly replaced. EPC provides professional network O&M.
You must maintain equipment out of warranty on your own.

Product Updates


EPC Console V1.0 Released

The EPC console is officially released. It supports automatic start, reinstallation, seamless connection to VPC, and hardware monitoring services.
New Features

EPC Console V1.1 Released

Custom images and managed EPC instances are supported. EPC can connect to cloud security services.
New Features

EPC Console V2.0 Released

The refactored EPC console V2.0 is released. EPC provides computing services that are more secure and stable. The new console supports Internet traffic display, SSH login, automatic image packaging, and installation using images.
New Features

EPC Console V2.1.0 Released

The following instance types are supported: Compute Optimized, GPU Standard, and GPU Standard Cluster.
New Features

EPC Console V2.1.2 Released

The Ubuntu images are supported.
New Features

EPC Console V2.2.0 Released

EPC is integrated with Cloud Monitor Service to support monitoring of resources such as CPU, memory, and disks.
New Features

Dual NICs

EPC supports dual NICs.
New Features

Multiple Security Groups

EPC supports multiple security groups to facilitate management.
New Features

Out-of-band Management

EPC supports out-of-band management to further improve server availability.
New Features

Flexible Configurations

EPC supports flexible configurations to suit your personalized needs.
New Features

Sold by Duration

EPC can be sold by duration to help you save costs.
New Features

New-Generation EPC Released

New-Generation EPC is released.
New Features
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Live Streaming

Big Data


Live Streaming

A basic architecture of EPC + VPC.

Live Streaming

Live comments in live streaming pose high requirements on network bandwidth and server performance because each comment must be pushed to all the viewers in real time.

Performance Requirement

Hundreds of millions of persistent connections may be established in peak hours of live streaming. A single server must provide a bandwidth of several Gbit/s.

Big Data

An architecture of using EPC in the big data scenario.

Hadoop Cluster Built with EPC

EPC supports up to 48 TB storage on a single instance. The provided 12 disks support single-disk RAID 0 to meet the requirements of Hadoop for large storage and multiple replicas.


Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are popular among gamers for their gorgeous graphics, grand scenes, and the variety of plays and scenarios. Large-scale cross-server activities are particularly attractive for gamers. In this scenario, all the players in the same area are visible to each other. The operation of each player is broadcast in the field of vision. The participation of a large number of players poses high requirements on the workload, stability, and network of access servers.

MMORPG Scenario

Games have a short lifespan but require a large number of servers during peak hours. By using EPC, you can rely on the huge resource pool on the cloud for rapid scaling.

Cost Optimization

At the end of its lifespan, a game faces problems such as asset retirement and devaluation. EPC is purchased on demand and supports the Pay-As-You-Go billing mode. This reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO).