Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute

Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) is an important part of the cloud computing infrastructure provided by Kingsoft Cloud. It has flexible and scalable processing capacity and can help developers easily perform Internet-scale computing and deploy their required server environment.


High Availability

Instance availability up to 99.95% and local disk data reliability no less than 99.999%.

Multiple Types

Provide a variety of different types of KEC instances to meet diversified industry needs for different scenarios.


Support elastic expansion of configuration and purchase on demand. Save the operation cost for customers and enhance the effective utilization rate of resources.


5Gbps of DDoS protection for free on KEC instances bound to elastic IPs. Server security provides protection and repair functions of violent cracking, Trojan horse virus, system vulnerabilities and website vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery Deployment

Ensure that your KEC instances are absolutely dispersed on different physical machines and improve the high availability of your services.

Multi Available Zones

Provide fault isolation among availability zones in the same region to guarantee service continuity with high availability.


Disaster Recovery Group

Ensure the absolute physical dispersion of cloud servers for high availability purpose, and support dynamic adjustment of KEC instances in the group.

Quick Creation

Create in one-touch and hundreds of servers open in minutes.

Flexible Expansion

Support upgrade of CPU, memory and disk settings of KEC instances at any time.

Quick Backup

Support users to generate backups of the system disk and data to restore data quickly.

Private Network

Support private networks, provide flexible network planning options, help you build network isolation in Kingsoft Cloud.

Monitoring Statistics

Provide comprehensive monitoring metrics, flexible threshold configuration, and prompt SMS and mail notifications.

User-Defined Image

Support using of user-defined images to create instances and reinstall systems.


General scenario

Professional performance scenario

High I/O scenario

General scenario

Corporate website, lightweight Web application, small database, etc.

Cloud migration suggestion

This scenario applies to Web service, application, database and other services that do not have special requirements on CPU, memory and bandwidth and only need to be deployed on one or several servers. As the business grows subsequently, you can upgrade the configuration of KEC instances at any time, or simply increase the number of KEC instances to handle data requests during a surge in workload.

Professional performance scenario

Websites and applications with many images/videos on the page.

Cloud migration suggestion

KEC works with Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage Service (KS3). KEC hosts websites and applications containing a large number of pictures and videos, and KS3 stores static pictures, videos, or download packages to achieve low-cost storage of large data volume. With CDN and SLB, this solution can significantly shorten the user access waiting time, reduce the network bandwidth cost, and improve the service availability.

High I/O scenario

High I/O applications such as self-built databases.

Cloud migration suggestion

I/O-optimized KEC with high configuration, combined with local SSD and Server Load Balancing (SLB), can offer concurrent high I/O response, higher data reliability and high service availability.